Jacob Elordi’s bathwater is now available for smelling and sipping

By now, we’re all familiar with Saltburn’s most infamous scene: Barry Keoghan slurping down Jacob Elordi’s bathwater, just after he masturbated in the tub. If watching the scene left you jealous rather than disgusted, you’re in luck — the essence of Elordi’s dirty water is now for sale in a number of forms.

If you want your home to smell like a bathroom at Saltburn, consider buying a now viral candle scented with Jacob Elordi’s bathwater — which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like. There are a few brands hopping on the Saltburn hype train and selling these candles, including Lux Candle Corner on Etsy for $26.40 (they’re also selling a matching shot glass to complete the fantasy) and Baum Designs on Amazon for $35.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), neither of these candles are aiming to recreate a realistic bath time scent. It’s only the label that’s Elordi-themed, with the candles themselves coming in a variety of more standard aromas. False advertising at its finest.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a homemade way to live out Keoghan’s role, a drink called the Jacob Elordi’s “Bathtub Water Cocktail” could be the answer. The cocktail, coined by mixer company Mr. Consistent, went viral on TikTok for its inspiration, ingredients, and presentation.

The recipe calls for 75 mL of lychee martini mix, 45 mL of gin, and 75 mL of coconut milk (“You know why,” read the video’s captions when the creamy white liquid gets added to the mix). After being shaken with ice, the drink is strained into a glass rimmed with more coconut milk, which viewers are instructed to let drip down the sides for maximum effect.


We aren’t OK, I know 😳 I don’t think Instagram could handle this cocktail recipe, so Tikky gets it 😏 #saltburn #jacobelordi #bathscene #cocktails #lycheemartini #cocktailrecipe

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As a final wink to the bathtub scene, Mr. Consistent recommends using a phallic straw if you have one on hand. Just like that, it’s as if Elordi had invited you to be his homoerotic live-in friend for the summer.

Commenters added some creative ideas for improving the drink. “Should be served warm,” one suggested, while another referred to it as “a literal cocktail.” Clearly, Elordi’s performance in Saltburn left everyone thirsty.

Saltburn is now streaming on Prime Video.

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