Bisexual Panic

Reneé Rapp and Jacob Elordi on ‘SNL’ just might break the gays

Let the bisexual panic commence: Reneé Rapp and Jacob Elordi are co-hosting Saturday Night Live.

It seems like SNL’s producers intentionally designed a night to bring in the gays. On January 20, Elordi will host the sketch comedy show, while Rapp will be the musical guest. With Rapp being a self-proclaimed bisexual icon and Elordi notorious for playing homoerotic roles, gays of all genders and persuasions are losing their minds at the combo. Bisexuals in particular can’t contain their excitement, if fan reactions on social media are anything to go by.

Any sketch starring Elordi should be a home run, considering how much material he gives the writers to work with. Beyond the fact that there’s something inherently funny about a 6-foot-5 man, Elordi just starred in both Saltburn (so we definitely need a parody of that infamous bathtub scene) and Priscilla (get Austin Butler to guest star and give us the dueling Elvis sketch we deserve!). 

Meanwhile, Rapp is sure to kill it in her two musical performances. Will she perform her lead single Snow Angel, her viral hits Tummy Hurts and Pretty Girls, or her new collab with Megan Thee Stallion Not My Fault? No matter what, her vocals are bound to blow us away.

But fans are also praying she’ll appear in at least a sketch or two. The episode will come out a week after the new Mean Girls movie hits theaters on January 12, so a skit where Rapp reprises her role as Regina George is a must.

Rapp responded to the announcement on her social media, writing, “Yeah you’ve got to be f*******king kidding me” — and no, that amount of asterisks isn’t a typo. She also shared a picture of her smiling at the SNL studio. Clearly, she’s just as hyped for her appearance as we are.

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