Jersey Boy

Jeremy Allen White’s newest potential role has rock fans screaming with delight

Words can’t express the depth of our love for rock icon and b-cup superstar Bruce Springsteen. And we’re far from alone: after news broke today that The Bear and Shameless star Jeremy Allen White—he of the Calvin Klein thirst campaign—is in talks to play The Boss himself, the Internet can hardly contain itself.

That’s right: White is poised to go from playing a Chicago icon to a New Jersey icon. His collection of 25-50 identical white tank tops are about to be put to good use. But what else do we know about the Springsteen biopic? Will it explore the much-noted gay side of Springsteen’s discography? Who’s going to play Clarence Clemons, and will there be plenty of kissing scenes?

I can’t answer that: all I can say is that people are stoked for this to happen. Gay people in particular, for obvious reasons.

Jeremy Allen White is staying not only booked and busy, but Bossy.

Our suspension of disbelief is going to be exercised to its fullest extent…but we don’t care. Bring it on.


Let’s just hope that however this biopic comes together, they don’t forget this important element of the Bruce Springsteen legend:

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