Stripped Down

Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein undies have set the internet ablaze

New York City’s skyline never looked better than with The Bear‘s Jeremy Allen White in only his undies in the distance.

On Thursday, Calvin Klein dropped their latest ad with White dropping trou and the internet is unwell. The video features the 32-year-old actor walking up to the roof of a New York City building to get some fresh air, workout, and strip down to his skivvies.

A completely normal thing to do in the “Big Apple.” The Iron Claw actor practices his best Tyra Banks “smize,” while flexing his chiseled physique for the camera.

Know for his portrayal of Phillip “Lip” Gallagher in Showtimes’ Shameless, White’s profile skyrocketed with his lead performance as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto in Hulu’s The Bear. Now, Calvin Klein campaigns seem to be his next step and JAW fans couldn’t be happier.

With a white pair of Calvin Klein briefs, cream-colored Converses, and NYC sunshine covering his body, this JAW Calvin Klein ad is sending social media into a frenzy.

There are those who think it’s time to converse about what White brings to the table.

One of those things seems to be his “happy trail.”

Others are concerned about his seemingly lack of a belly button on his sculpted abs, and those Kyle XY fans took notice.

And the remaining few think he’s giving chiseled Willy Wonka actor Gene Wilder.

Still, the internet agrees on one thing, that to lust over JAW is a must.

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