Work Up A Sweat

Jonathan Bailey’s half marathon was a gift to the gays in more ways than one

Over the weekend, Jonathan Bailey ran a half marathon in support of an LGBTQ+ charity — and he supported thirsty gays across the internet in the process.

On Sunday, the Fellow Travelers star took part in London’s Hackney Half Marathon to raise money for Just Like Us, an organization working to increase LGBTQ+ acceptance in UK schools through educational programming.

Bailey raised more than £30,000 for Just Like Us, and he documented the whole process, from making a playlist before the race…

…to teaching everyone the importance of sunscreen.

He even checked in mid-run to keep donations coming.

The most thirsted-after moment from Bailey’s day out, though, came after the race, when the sweat-soaked star thanked everyone for supporting him.

On Instagram, Bailey shared why supporting Just Like Us was so important to him.

“LGBT+ kids are twice as likely to be bullied, depressed, anxious and lonely on a daily basis. Almost all of them have heard homophobic and transphobic slurs. I know — and maybe you do — how awful that can be,” Bailey wrote ahead of the race. “Just Like Us are leading the fight to make them feel understood, accepted and celebrated. A fight we shouldn’t need to have. But until we win it, and for the sake of my knees, please throw your love their way, donate to them and sponsor me on my gallop!”

With his massive fundraising effort, Bailey proved that he’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside — and his fans were reminded just how much they like looking at him, on or off of the silver screen.

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