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Manu Ríos is husband material in this thirst-worthy sportswear campaign

Spanish teen drama Elité may be ending, but its breakout heartthrob, Manu Ríos, isn’t done heating up our screens just yet. He’s teaming up with Elité’s creator on a new project, Breathless. And in the meantime, he’s leaving his fans breathless with a new sportswear collab.

Ríos announced the collaboration on Instagram, where the 25-year-old managed to find a balance between hot and adorable in a series of black-and-white photos. “At home with Lacrosse,” he wrote in the caption. And just in case we didn’t believe him, the brand’s name is repeatedly visible on his exposed briefs waistband. The comments were a predictable deluge of fire and heart-eye emojis.

After a two-month long dry spell in Ríos content, the model and actor returned to Instagram last week with a camera roll post of shirtless selfies, photos with friends, and mysterious snapshots.

Ríos soon followed up with stills from his upcoming Netflix series, Breathless (Spanish title, Respira). Coming from Carlos Montero, creator of Elité, the Spanish-language medical drama will feature Ríos playing a (literal) resident heartthrob.

“The Joaquín Sorolla is much more than a public hospital in Valencia where lives are saved every day,” the official synopsis reads. “Doctors and residents work their fingers to the bone in the frenetic pace of the emergency room, where tensions, emotions and even desire accelerate the hearts of a staff that lives increasingly on the edge.

“The arrival of a distinguished patient highlights the complicated situation of the public health system, lighting the fuse for what will become an unprecedented and drastic strike.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Rios reflected on how the role represents a change of pace. “I cannot say much because they’re going to k*ll me if I do, but it was such a different experience for me as an actor,” he said. “Just getting into the mindset of a resident and being in a hospital is really, really tough. I think it’s going to be a really cool show.”

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