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Margot Robbie Really Wants to Play More Queer Roles

The summer of Barbie is upon us, and it shows absolutely no signs of stopping. Honestly, how could it? What else do we have to live for? Absolutely nothing, zilch, that’s what.

But enough about the end of the world: let’s talk about Margot Robbie. Although summer 2016 was officially declared the summer of Margot Robbie by Vanity Fair, courtesy of that truly unhinged Rich Cohen profile, it’s clear that summer 2023 is also the summer of Margot Robbie, and hopefully every summer hereafter. Because Margot Robbie rules.

But a little-known fact about Robbie is that she is simply jonesing to play more queer roles. Notice how I say “more.” That’s right: Robbie was quick to point out during an interview for 2022’s Babylon that everyone seemed to conveniently ignore the fact that she had a steamy lesbian kiss that was “much more meaningful” than the polite peck she got from Brad Pitt in the film. And that’s not all: there are more than a few critics who feel that Barbie’s arc is more than a little bit sapphic…

You know who else loves gay people? Margot Robbie. According to Twitter (yes, reserve the privilege of deadnaming that app) sleuth @taylorssteas, Robbie has been asking to play gay roles for quite some time.

Let her play gay, cowards!

Margot Robbie aro/ace-coded lesbian movie, let’s GO!

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