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Miley’s Grammys hair has the gay Internet in a tizzy

Let’s face it: Miley Cyrus is a life-changing artist. Whether that change happened to you in the early oughts, when Miley gave us the gift of “The Climb” while still entrenched in her Hannah Montana era, or in 2013 with “Wrecking Ball,” chances are you have not gone untouched by the genius that is Madame Cyrus. Her twerking polarized the world, her Charlie’s Angels verse unmelted the ice caps, and her protean ability to shift with the times—while staying totally ahead of them—remains unparalleled.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that the Gays are absolutely losing it over Miley’s hair look at last night’s Grammys Awards. Showing up on the red carpet looking wise and windswept, Miley once again had us gagging over what can only be described as a Sweeney Todd-esque transformation. It’s giving Bride of Frankenstein, it’s giving Death Becomes Her, it’s giving Susan Sarandon after about five minutes in Frank-n-Furter’s house.

In a word, it’s everything.

What happened here? Did Miley learn the forbidden secrets of the universe, or simply invest in a can of Aqua Net? The world may never know.

It’s giving expensive and luxurious, and ever so slightly bewitched.

And as for the commenter who compared this look to Jane Fonda…thank you, we will never unsee it.

Jellicle cats, assemble!

The pop culture references this hair drags up…it’s truly astounding.

Could it be that the big hair of the 80s is finally returning?

2024 is about to be the year of Hair: as in gimme it down to there, shoulder length and longer.

We won’t be hearing any negative opinions at this time, please and thank you!

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