Jennifer's B*ssy

New photos of a sultry Barry Keoghan are raising some big gay questions

When you see a beautiful man, is your first impulse to imagine staring at you saucily while bathing in a vat of blood like Elizabeth Báthory? If your answer is “yes,” you’re certainly in luck today.

In a new shoot with W Magazine, Saltburn darling and honorary transmasc Barry Keoghan shows off his delicate beauty while bathing in a tub of blood, entirely apropos considering Saltburn’s controversial conclusion.

The eye makeup, the pointed claw elbow-length leather gloves, the undaunted stare, the pearls…it’s a vibe to sure. It’s giving Jennifer’s B*ssy.

The people are getting AHS: Hotel flashbacks.

Only Lady Gaga isn’t the only one c*nting down the house in whatever haunted hotel this is!

The muse is upon us!

The way he singlehandedly owns the tiny venn diagram space between cis lesbiantrans masc- cis man…

C*nt has been served. You’re welcome!

We can’t wait for the next deranged concept shoot we’re sure to get from this man.

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