People are recalling the weirdest, hottest gay relationships of all time thanks to this meme

If you’re guilty of having perused the living corpse of the “old loves” Tumblr account at any point in time, today’s predominant X meme is sure to tickle your fancy.

The reality is that everyone has at least one (possibly 3-5) bizarre celebrity couples that live rent free in their heads courtesy of their sheer outrageousness. Tom Cruise and Cher? Jennifer Connelly and Harry Dean Stanton? Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy? How can anyone stop thinking about the impossible fact that these people boned down for a period running into months?

But if there’s one thing about celebrities, it’s the fact that they often f*ck each other. Notting Hill, I’m sorry to say, was not a documentary: most celebs stick to their own kind. But some of the combinations can get insanely weird quite quickly, especially the gay ones. For instance…

None of us can ever forget this utterly unprecedented 2000s moment of celesbian realness

These two may not have dated, but knowing what we know about Whitney’s suppressed queerness while she was alive, these clips can’t help but tug at the heartstrings.

Looking even further back into the past, who could forget the time Eartha Kitt starred in a Devil’s Threesome with two of the hottest leading men of Hollywood, Paul Newman and James Dean?

And no discussion of classic gay relationships would be complete without some reference to Marlon Brando’s chaotic bisexuality.

And let’s not forget the many loves of Cher, including one prominent young scientologist…

Then of course there are the modern classics, the coupledoms that emerged within our lifetime that we couldn’t forget if we tried. Exhibit A: the earth-shaking love affair between one Janelle Monáe and one Tessa Thompson.

And there was that time when Kehlani referred to SZA as their girlfriend…

There was this tender moment shared between Jude Law and queer filmmaker Wong Kar Wai…

And how could we ever forget the time two straight people managed to look like lesbians for their entire 90s relationship.

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