We Ride at Dawn

People can’t get enough of this extreme Dune 2 fan’s look

Move over Nicole Kidman: there’s a new AMC mascot in the house. Or should we call it Gay-MC?

This weekend, the much-anticipated sequel Dune 2 came out to wild box office returns—and an even wilder fanbase. But more exciting than the exploits of Paul Atreides and Chani were the events unfolding in one very special AMC multiplex in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now I know what you’re thinking: the wig, the moving sandworm, the soundtrack, the Lady Gaga Fortnite skin-esque outfit…this is gay culture at its finest. And we don’t even know if this person is gay. It doesn’t matter: they’ve serving.

You can’t keep gay culture down, even in Tulsa.

The Fremen suit, the Lisan Al Gaib swag…this is how cinema should be experienced.

This is what Nicole Kidman fought the wars for. So we could have this precious experience of seeing a stranger glide through the AMC 20 on a bespoke sandworm.

The best part? No one in the foyer gives a single, solitary sh*t about the magic unfolding before their very eyes.

As the world continues to end, more of this energy please! We need it.

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