Remember when Seth Rogen made this extremely gay Twitter confession?

The good days of Twitter are so far behind us at this point that they’re hard to remember. But remember we must—before Elon Musk brought the once-fun platform crashing to the ground with his poor business decisions, it was a genuine hang, where cool people were being silly and goofy all the time.

The year was 2013: Blue Checks still belonged to people with careers, rather than rambling psychopaths paying $8/month. On a good day, you could catch two celebs having a sweet exchange, and that’s exactly what happened on the golden day when RuPaul and Seth Rogen started kiki-ing.

After Rogen’s ensemble end-of-the-world comedy This is the End dropped that year, RuPaul included it in a roundup of his favorite films of the year. After tweeting it out, Rogen thanked Mother Ru, and also offered his own compliment…sort of?

Remember hashtags? What a concept.

Now obviously this exchange is Peak 2013: the oversharing, the hashtags, the chunky “retweet” and “reply” buttons, the reference to Jergen’s lotion. But the cuteness of the interaction is timeless. Remember when you could log on to Twitter and be greeted with something nice and little silly? And maybe get a sort of gay exchange between two celebs in the process?

Thank God someone had the presence of mind to screenshot this occasion.

The people remember…and the people need Rogen to be called as guest judge in the next Drag Race season!

Maybe someday we’ll have some version of a pure, silly Internet back…but until then, we can keep dreaming.

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