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Reneé Rapp’s favorite Chappell Roan song is this ‘underrated’ ballad

In news surprising to exactly no one, Reneé Rapp has excellent taste in music, including when it comes to fellow pop star and queer icon Chappell Roan.

On the red carpet of Them’s Now Awards, Rapp was asked if she prefers Chappell Roan or Charli XCX — a frankly homophobic question during Pride Month.

“That’s a criminal question. I can’t. Pleading the fifth,” Rapp replied. “Incomparable. Both perfect.”

Instead, Rapp gave her favorite song from each artist. For Charli, it’s “Vroom Vroom.”

“I’m seeing Charli tomorrow and I’m so excited. I’m gonna wear a white tank top,” she added.

And though Rapp says she loves “every Chappell song,” her favorite is one of Roan’s lesser known singles, “California.”

“That ballad of hers is I think is really beautiful,” Rapp said. “Dude, so underrated. But my b*tch is getting recognition now, so it better not be underrated in two weeks.”

For the uninitiated, “California” is one of Chappell’s earlier songs, originally released in 2020 before finding a place on her debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. It’s a sparse ballad about feeling homesick and unsure if her dreams of success in the music industry would ever come true. Rapp is right: the song is decidedly underrated, but with Roan’s recent rise in popularity, it’ll get the star treatment it deserves soon enough.

It’s only the latest crossover event between the two sapphic celebs. A recently resurfaced video shows the two chatting at Spotify’s Best New Artist party back in February (an award fans speculate both will be up for at next year’s Grammys). Their conversation is difficult to make out, but fans think Roan is telling Rapp, “I’ll DM you and we can make it like a craft night or something,” potentially planning a wholesome hangout.

And last weekend at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City, Rapp was in the wings during Roan’s iconic Lady Liberty-inspired performance. Videos show Rapp doing Roan’s signature “HOT TO GO!” dance from the sidelines. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before the two collab, bringing us the lesbian pop duet of our dreams.

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