Give Him A Hand

Ryan Gosling isn’t a fan of this gay stereotype

Though Ryan Gosling is known for a fruity performance or two (his Kenergy in Barbie served as endless inspiration for the gays’ Halloween costumes last year), there’s one queer stereotype he just can’t get behind — and it’s one he regrets enacting in his own work.

In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, Gosling dished on his illustrious film career. When asked which film from his career he’d like to do over, Gosling said La La Land, specifically for one tiny detail of his performance.

“There’s a moment that haunts me where we’re dancing, Emma and I — and I didn’t know this would become the poster of the movie,” he said, referring to the dance number ‘A Lovely Night’ from the movie, a still from which became La La Land’s most iconic image.

But for a dance that involved Gosling and his co-star Emma Stone extending their arms into the air. That’s where Gosling made a fatal mistake: Rather than flexing his wrist to follow the line of his arm, he let it hang limp.

“It just killed the energy that way,” he lamented, saying he wished he could redo the number. “I call it ‘La La Hand.’”

Despite ‘La La Hand’ sounding like a creative new homophobic slur, it’s clear Gosling only had the best of intentions. Regretting a limp wrist? Not very gay-friendly. Wanting to improve your dancing in a blockbuster musical? Extremely gay-friendly.

Gosling also has a dance background, a fact the interviewer pointed out.

“I thought it would help in La La Land,” Gosling replied, “and then of course, ‘Hamburger Hands’ Gosling over here. It didn’t help me at all in the end.”

When fans got wind of Gosling’s regret, they all agreed that the ‘La La Hand’ drove them crazy.

One fan went so far as to remove his limp wrist from the poster. Yes, it’s an objectively stronger-looking dance move — but at what cost?

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