Scissor Sisters?

Sapphics are losing it over this controversial picture of Taylor Swift and Julien Baker

The sapphic world has been in a frenzy since the news of an alleged boygenius breakup hit the airwaves last week. But that’s not the only thing making sapphics sweat. After the Grammys this weekend, one image has been living rent-free in the minds of Gaylor Swift conspiracy theorists everywhere. And for once, it seems like they might have a point with this whole “Taylor Swift is secretly gay/bisexual” thing.

Because honestly, what else could be going in this photo? When user @songinlauriE perfectly captioned this exchange between Julian Baker, previously of boygenius, and Swift making what is unmistakably a scissoring gesture with her hands, the universe itself was gagged.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Taylor Swift and Julien Baker have far more to discuss than the politics of scissoring. And yet…

Is this a case of femme flagging? Or simply a random moment taken completely out of context? The world may never know (except the world definitely knows.)

Then again, there are so many possibilities. Do Taylor and Julien share a love of the Kpop girl group Itzy? Are they WWE fans? What is going on?

Well, sadly, no. It took no time at all for fans to realize that the photo was edited to make it more gay. Because that’s what the Internet is for! Taking moments of celebrity life completely out of context and spinning our own beautiful dreams out of them. That’s what we do here!

That doesn’t stop this tweet from bringing a little joy to our humdrum lives.

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