This Iconic Gay Sopranos Character is Now Available in Doll Form

Sopranos fandom is more than a sport and a pastime: it’s a verified obsession. Even though the show hasn’t been on the air for a fresh 20 years, the HBO drama lives on in the hearts of those who love it through memes, rewatch parties, endless streams of “gabagool” jokes, and now, action figures.

That’s right: offbeat toy company Retrogimmick has finally gotten around to releasing the stocking stuffer every kid dreams of: a Vito Spatafore action figure, complete with Village People-style leather cap.

If you’ll recall, “The Sopranos” wasn’t exactly the most forward-thinking show when it came to queer people. In fact, Vito Spatafore: the show’s one out-gay character, famously had to live a double life in order to stay in the crew. When he was discovered dancing his ass off at a gay club still on the mob’s payroll, he had to go on the lam just to escape being brutally hate crimed, which gave us the iconic episode “Johnnycakes,” a New Hampshire fantasy in which Vito finds queer community simply by leaving New Jersey.

Things didn’t end well for Vito—even if Tony didn’t actually care that much about his queerness—but that didn’t stop the Internet from enshrining Vito Spatafore as the series’ one queer hero.

Now, Joseph Gannascoli, the actor who brought Vito to life, has his very own leather action figure, and Sopranos fans are lapping it up.

If you thought you didn’t need a Vito Spatafore action figure…think again. And while you’re at it, maybe pick up a Eugene Pontecorvo doll and a Pine Barrens duo—ketchup packets NOT included!

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