This meme hilariously rips the drag bans apart with one simple statement

In the past few years, as anti-trans legislation has ramped up, drag performers have found themselves in the crosshairs of angry, ignorant Republicans who can’t tell the difference between trans people and drag artists. Among the more ludicrous claims such lawmakers (and moms for liberty) have made to justify banning drag queen story hours at libraries and other community projects is the claim that drag is “inherently sexual.”

Which, to be clear, would be absolutely fine if it were true. But it happens to be a lie. Not only that, but a lie so silly to anyone who actually enjoys and understands the subversive power of drag that ripping it to shreds feels laughably easy.

On Twitter, folks are having a field day with this. “‘Drag is inherently sexual,'” wrote one poster, “and then it’s just a girl sneezing.”

It’s true: most drag is performance art, plain and simple. That’s why we love it.

Drag is inherently sexual…except for all those times when it’s not.

I’m not saying that people don’t have these kinks, but if they do, it still has nothing to do with the performance.

The true inventiveness of drag artists has no limit!

Drag is art, drag is life.

It’s called ART, hunty!

If drag is inherently anything, it’s hilarious. And try as they might, they’ll never find a way to ban that.

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