Seeing Triple

This queer celeb trio is teaching the internet a lesson about pronouns

It’s tough to keep track of all the queer celebs out there these days — the gay-listers, if you will. It’s even harder when so many of them insist on getting the same haircut, but as some folks on the internet just discovered, it can make for a great teachable moment.

In this case, the celebs twinning (triplet-ing?) are Towa Bird, Conan Gray, and Naomi McPherson. For the uninitiated, here’s why each of them have risen to gay celebrity status:

  • Conan Gray is a YouTuber-turned-musician with synth-pop leanings and a new album dropping on Friday, April 5 — and though he’s not a fan of labels, his songs speak to all sorts of queer experiences.
  • Naomi McPherson plays guitar for MUNA, the queer indie pop band behind hits like “Silk Chiffon” and “I Know a Place.” They also host the popular podcast Gayotic.

They also all share the same haircut: a voluminous, curly black ‘70s shag. They all rock it in their own way, but seeing them side by side, it’s no wonder that some people can’t tell the three apart.

When one user took to social media to share their difficulty keeping track of the trio, lots of other people joined in their confusion. Folks were convinced that McPherson was the one dating Reneé Rapp, and that Bird was a member of MUNA. (Gray just complicated the matter even further.)

But others pointed out that there’s one key difference between the three: they all use different pronouns. Bird uses she/her, Gray uses he/him, and McPherson uses they/them. Together, they represent “the three genders,” as one user joked (knowing, of course, that gender is far more complex than a simple trinary).

Still, seeing the slight differences in gender expression between the three could be a helpful tool for anyone struggling with pronouns as a concept. Thank you for your service, beautiful people with perfect hair!

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