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This post said kissing at gay clubs is “gross,” and the gays aren’t having it

Gay clubs serve plenty of purposes: dancing with your besties, throwing money at drag artists, and, of course, meeting a stranger or two on the floor. But one gay user on X (formerly Twitter) seems to think the time-honored tradition of making out in a gay club is, in their words, “gross.”

“Gay guys that make out w random gays at the clubs are gross asf,” a user named Jose (@wthjosee) wrote in a viral post. “Like wtf do u mean the club is your irl Grindr?”

There’s a lot to unpack in Jose’s statement, so let’s start with the obvious: an “in-real-life Grindr” is just reality, and has existed since long before that hookup app was launched. Clearly, a queer history lesson is in order. Part of what has always made gay clubs safe spaces for queer expression was the freedom to flirt without fear of people getting offended. That includes kissing in public.

Then there’s the clear jealousy built into Jose’s judgment. Might he be projecting a bit of insecurity?

Or maybe Jose would prefer we return to the olden days of courtship, but update all the straight traditions for gay folks. A queer debutante ball does sound pretty fun, not gonna lie.

Regardless, the gays of the internet laughed in the face of Jose’s comment. No one’s gonna stop kissing in the club anytime soon — in fact, the post got plenty of folks excited to do just that.

Really, who even needs the club? For some gays, the grocery store is enough.

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