This supercut will convince you that these Broadway icons are in secret gay love

It’s a well-established truth that most folks working on the stage or behind the screen on Broadway are often…you know…a lil’ fruity. I mean, we invented the art form! How could it be any other way!

But some are decidedly more fruity than others, in the best way. We know that Jonathan Groff, for instance, has been serving gay excellence on Broadway since Spring Awakening in 2006. In the pre-Looking era, before Groff made it into the mainstream, he was Broadway’s out-gay darling. And he made some close friends during that time. One of those friends being Hamilton creator and Disney musical consultant in perptuity, Lin-Manuel Miranda. And according to this supercut on TikTok, these two have chemistry.

Groff originated the role of King George III during Hamilton‘s Broadway run, and during that time, it seems that Groff and Miranda got dangerous, sexily close. With kissing. And…tongue?

“You think they’ve kissed off camera too…” the video’s creator wrote in the caption. I mean…yes? There is just no room for speculation here, the love they have for each other is so cute and blatant. Seeing it all in one video just feels undeniably, adorably gay.

“They match each others freak every time,” another commenter wrote. “Historians would say they were roommates,” another said. I mean, yes. How did we not realize they’ve been dating under our noses the whole time! And for those of you who say “Lin-Manuel Miranda is married to a woman,” I say…yes, and?

“The fact there’s a minute of evidence is concerning,” someone commented, with another writing: “I feel like I’m intruding by watching this.”

You and me both, friend. The blushing emoji was made for such times as these.

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