Troye Sivan Seemingly Snubbed This Gay Icon During a Lie Detector Test

When you’re hooked up to a lie detector, there’s a chance that your darkest secrets will be exposed. But for Troye Sivan, the test exposed something far worse: his ignorance of a gay icon.

During one of Vanity Fair’s infamous lie detector interviews, in which celebrities are asked both silly and serious questions about their lives and careers, Sivan was asked if he thought he was better than other singers-turned-actors like himself.

First, he was shown a picture of Lady Gaga. “I think she’s better than me for sure,” Sivan said. “She’s awesome.”

Then, the interviewer slid Sivan a picture of Cher. He stared at it, befuddled, before asking, “Was she in Mamma Mia?”

Naturally, the internet wasn’t having this apparent diss at Cher. The failure to recognize Cher at a glance is grounds for getting your Gay Card revoked, even if you’re the man behind bops about poppers and odes to bottoming. (Stream Rush for clear skin.)

But before you grab your pitchforks, know that all is not as it seems. Sivan does know who Cher is — he just hasn’t ever seen her act.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with Cher in it,” Sivan continued. “I’ve seen like two movies. Just in general.”

That means no Moonstruck. No Burlesque. No The Witches of Eastwick. Someone get this boy an education in camp classics, stat!

Sivan spilled plenty of other tea during his lie detector session. For example, he shared the identity of his celebrity crush: chef and content creator Pierce Abernathy, who’s yummy in more ways than one.

He also plugged his new lifestyle brand, TSU LANGE YOR, which was inspired by Sivan’s stellar taste in interior design. The brand will sell fragrances and home decor — and during the lie detector test, Sivan said Drake could probably benefit from being on his PR list. 

“I like him, I don’t like his house,” Sivan said of the rapper. “I’m sorry. Sorry to this man.”

Sivan also teased that though he’s never faked a relationship for a publicity stunt, it isn’t out of the question. “I’ve thought about it,” he said. “I think it’d be kind of fun.” Let the shipping of Sivan with every other gay celebrity commence.

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