Wait…Did Natasha Lyonne Finally Come Out?

For years, queer people have felt extraordinarily wronged by the fact that Natasha Lyonne, beloved originator of seminal sapphic roles in classics like But I’m a Cheerleader and “Orange is the New Black”, is straight.

But hold on…is she?

In a new interview, the “Poker Face” actress has clarified a couple of three things…and it’s raising eyebrows across the World Wide Web.

Speaking to The Independent, Lyonne started dropping some major, major hints that’s she’s part of the LGBTQ+ community. But hold on—exactly which letter is she in the alphabet army?

“I’m in this third category,” Lyonne explained. “My sexuality and gender is more like…merry prankster.”

Merry Prankster? We’ll take it. Pronouns are prank/prunk/pronkster.

But honestly, it’s giving he/they lesbian. It’s giving baby transmasc. It’s giving post-gender realness.

Trans folks naturally are getting very, very excited.

Cannot WAIT for the pronoun reveal…

We’ve been waiting for this blessed day…

Let’s go trans Natasha Lyonne!

It’s the mood, it’s the moment, we love it, we need it.


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