Does Jennifer Garner Have Something to Tell Us?

Celebrities love to troll us: especially during Pride season.

Last night, Angel City Football Club celebrated Pride Night at BMO Stadium, and a certain someone—who just happens to have starred in 2018’s gay coming-out drama Love Simon, happened to be in attendance.

That’s right: that’s none other than Jennifer Garner on the kiss cam, waving not one but two gay pride flags: the classic Gilbert Baker rainbow, and the lesbian pride flag.

But wait: before we get all Shakira on this, let’s take a step back. Waving a lesbian flag—or a gay flag, or a nonbinary flag—does not a coming out make. But it does make for a somewhat compelling case…if you’re desperate, like I am.

In truth, Garner has been a vocal ally for a minute now, ever since she played Simon’s (Nick Robinson) mother in Love, Simon. “One of the things that I hope kids take away from this movie [is]: Don’t let yourself be so isolated with whatever it is you’re scared about,” the actress told Pride Source in 2018. “Find some way to reach out, whether it’s to somebody online, whether it’s one friend you feel like you can trust; hopefully it’ll be your parents and you can lean on them.” 

Garner’s turn as a teen-turned-overnight-adult in 13 Going On 30 has also entered the gay lexicon after Ariana Grande immortalized the film in her “Thank U, Next” video from the same year. And wouldn’t you know it, Garner commented on Grande’s post today congratulating the pop icon on her 30th birthday.

So whether or not we can look forward to a coming out (we definitely can’t, lol) Garner’s support continues to win over gay hearts everywhere.

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