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Did Lauv Just Come Out as Bisexual?

At the tail of an especially exhausting Pride month, some folks are taking the opportunity to come out of the closet swinging. And one of those is “I Like Me Better” singer Lauv.

In a TikTok posted yesterday, the “I’m So Tired…” singer wrote: “when ur dating a girl but ur also a little bit into men.” The video shows Lauv in the back of an Uber with a pensive expression on his face.


Does it have to be that big of a deal? i havent done much aside from kiss so tbh don’t wannna jump the gun but tbh i feel things and i dont wanna pretend i dont. 🙂

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While the singer hasn’t made an official announcement as of yet, fans in the comments are happily posting encouragement. One commenter smartly pointed out that “a straight relationship doesn’t eliminate the fact you’re bi 👏 so valid” while another wrote simply: “Lauv is lauv is lauv,” in a nod to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2016 Tony’s speech.

Another commenter said what we were all thinking: “why did i swear u came out like years ago 😅.” To which Lauv himself replied: “Did I???”

Basically, Lauv wanted to embrace his bisexuality (or pansexuality) in a chill, totally laid-back way, and he 100% achieved that. We love a non-pressed bisexual King.

It’s also worth noting that, while Lauv did not, in fact, come out years ago, he is responsible for the classic Charli XCX bop “Boys,” an ode to hot dudes everywhere. The 2017 hit has appeared on the soundtrack of 2020’s Promising Young Woman and 2022’s Fire Island, and the original video featured a lineup of hot dudes from Joe Jonas to Diplo to

Lauv also penned the recent song “Steal the Show” for Pixar’s Elemental, a film about forbidden love.

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