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Who’s the guy Bad Bunny was hugging on his night out?

Bad Bunny’s fans are green with envy after a new video showed him out at the club, with his arm wrapped around another man.

The video, first posted to TikTok, shows the “Perro Negro” singer on a night out with another man. With his arm around the other guy’s shoulders, he kisses him on the cheek and holds him close.


Ig thats some way to say hello… #nashville #barstoolsports @Barstool Nashville

♬ original sound – Wetwiener

Naturally, Bad Bunny’s gay fanbase was full of jealousy. If he was going to go for another guy, why couldn’t it be them?

But on closer inspection, Bad Bunny wasn’t up to anything gay. First, he’s not in a gay bar: he’s at Barstool Nashville, a sports bar (arguably the straightest nightlife venue possible). 

Second, the guy hanging out with Bad Bunny isn’t a romantic interest in the slightest. It’s his younger brother Bysael Martínez Ocasio, which fans figured out thanks in part to an Instagram story Bysael posted in the same outfit as the man in the video. 

Others pointed out that in many Hispanic cultures, it’s normal to give people a platonic kiss on the cheek, no matter their gender.

So no, the video doesn’t prove anything about Bad Bunny’s sexuality. Rather, it’s just a display of brotherly love.

That’s not to say Bad Bunny hasn’t had brushes with queerness in the past. He’s kissed men on stage, done drag for a music video, and embraced androgyny with his fashion sense. As far as we know, though, he’s not picking up any boys in bars, despite what his fandom may want.

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