Bubbling Over

Bad Bunny broke the internet with his bath time pics

Most people keep bath time to themselves. Bad Bunny isn’t most people.

On Instagram, the “Monaco” singer shared a series of selfies from the bathtub, along with one pic of his thighs peeking out of the water. Some strategically placed foam covers his crotch, much to his thirstiest fans’ annoyance.

The pictures quickly went viral across the internet, with some fans desperate to get a glimpse under the bubbles.

Others couldn’t help but compare the pics to another recent bathtub phenomenon: Saltburn, in which heartthrob Jacob Elordi’s bath water gets “guzzled” by his co-star Barry Keoghan (and that’s in Elordi’s own words).

Plenty of folks would be more than happy to act out in the film in real life when Bad Bunny was done with his bath.

The Saltburn references continued in his Instagram comments, with several fans wishing they could get a taste of Bad Bunny’s tub: “New bath water flavor just dropped,” reads one comment.

“All I need is a straw and 30 minutes,” says another.

“What in the Saltburn is going on here???” asks another commenter. We’re not sure, but whatever’s going on, we’re happy about it.

Bad Bunny is no stranger to thirst-trapping. Last summer, his infamous backlit mirror selfie had us all adjusting our brightness to get a better look.

For anyone desperate to get with Bad Bunny after seeing these pics, good news: he’s recently single. In December, the news broke that he and Kylie Jenner had broken up after less than a year of dating. That means he’s up for grabs — and given how much skin he’s showing on social media, he’s welcoming the attention.

But does Bad Bunny go for other guys? So far, only when performing. He appeared in last year’s Cassandro as a love interest for the titular luchador, even sharing an on-screen kiss with co-star Gael García Bernal, and he made out with his background dancers at the 2022 VMAs.

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