Actress Gillian Anderson’s Legacy: Helping Fans Realize They’re Gay

Actress Gillian Anderson knows she made you gay and she’s “thrilled” to be a part of your queer awakening. 

A Sunday tweet from the Twitter handle @Melethonomia sent queer folks into a frenzy. The tweet in question was an image of a woman with the phrase “Gillian Anderson made me gay” giving multiple people high fives. Each person receiving a high five had a different Anderson led film or TV show connected to an age group, signifying that the particular content was a part of that generation’s queer awakening. @Melethonomia completed the tweet with a simple “Thank you, Gillian, your legacy stays winning.”

From Gen X’s obsession with X-Files to Millennials’ connection to The Fall or Gen Z’s love for Anderson’s Sex Education character Jean Milburn, Anderson’s roles have stirred up plenty of queer feelings in the hearts of adoring fans. Speaking of her legacy, Anderson is fully aware of the power that she holds being a catalyst for queer awakenings all over the world. The 54-year-old actress retweeted the post with a caption of her own, “Always thrilled to be of service,” paired with a winky face emoji and a Pride flag.

Anderson’s cosign of her “legacy” didn’t go unnoticed and fans of her work shared their appreciation. One Twitter user claimed that lives were changed from a clip they shared where Anderson kisses actress Archie Panjabi in The Fall. Another person shared how Anderson was uniting queer folks across multiple generations and no lies were detected and one Twitter account affectionately called Anderson fans “Gillianaires” who couldn’t help, but have photos of their favorite actress on their phone. Even Jane Lynch threw in her 2 cents, letting folks know that she was always gay, Anderson just solidified it for her. 

It’s pretty clear how loved Anderson is by the queer community. Not to mention, she has discussed her bisexuality in previous interviews. While she has described herself as an “actively heterosexual woman” in most recent years, it hasn’t stopped her from taking on queer roles and supporting LGBTQ+ rights. So this Pride month, we salute “bicon”, Gillian Anderson, for her queer awakening service.

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