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Fans think Taylor Swift is keeping Travis Kelce in the closet for this unhinged reason

Move over Gaylor Swift, there’s a new implausible fan theory in town.

Since Taylor Swift hard-launched her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in late September, fans have been acting even messier than usual…and that’s saying quite something. From speculations about Taylor’s chicken finger dip choice of “seemingly ranch” to shots of Swift cheering Kelce on in the stands next to Patrick Mahomes’ wife, it’s been a wild ride. And it’s not over. Oh no friends, we’ve only just begun.

Just as some fans wanted to believe that Swift’s Midnights track “Lavender Haze” was an unofficial coming out of the closet (it wasn’t,) someone else on the Internet is freshly convinced that Taylor is dating Kelce as a way to keep him from “living his truth,” i.e. coming out as queer.

That person? We know little about her, except that she identifies as a “wife and mother” of 34. Under the titillating handle @OutProudKelce, this user is choosing violence in the best way possible, i.e. claiming that Taylor Swift’s true mastermind move is to make sure Kelce stays closeted.

The evidence? So glad you asked. It doesn’t exist. That is,…it exists if you want it to, much like the gaylor evidence. According to the original poster, the NFL has been trying to keep Kelce’s gayness under wraps for years. All he wanted to do was give Taylor a friendship bracelet, but Big Football stepped in and seized its opportunity to give Travis a “fake” girlfriend, or beard.

Although the evidence is thin at best, no one can deny that this take is wildly entertaining. The photo chosen, the rainbow filter…it’s absolutely delightful as far as unhinged gossip goes.

Now THIS is the kind of mess we came to OG Twitter for.

The mess is messing…hard.

And there’s one ship that we just can’t get out of our minds…

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