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Gen Z refuses to work with bigots, says new study

As more and more of Gen Z enters the workforce, discrimination from employers simply isn’t going to fly. A new study by myGwork reveals that not only does a massive proportion of Gen Z identify as LGBTQ+, its members plan to be openly queer in all aspects of their life, including in the workplace.

The results are based on a survey of more than 2,000 students and recent graduates from around the world. More than a third of that demographic self-identified as LGBTQ+ (36%), and of those queer people, 3 out of 4 (75%) expressed reservations about working somewhere that they couldn’t be out of the closet.

Additionally, 7 out of 10 of queer respondents said that being out at work was highly important to them, with 29% flat-out saying they’d refuse to work somewhere they couldn’t be their authentic self, regardless of the job description or the package offered by the employer.

Anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace is still a major issue, with nearly half (48%) of queer survey respondents saying they’d witnessed discrimination on the basis of sexuality or gender in the workplace, with 36% of those respondents saying they’d personally experienced anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination at work or at school.

The study also highlighted the importance of having LGBTQ+ role models in the workplace. Of queer survey respondents, 49% said seeing more visible LGBTQ+ role models and allies at a company would make them a lot more likely to accept a job offer, with another 31% saying it would make them a little more likely.

Long story short, if companies want to bring in fresh talent, they need to be welcoming to folks of all identities.

“Our latest research goes beyond highlighting industries perceived to be more LGBTQ+ friendly by young job seekers,” said myGwork’s co-founders Adrien and Pierre Gaubert in a statement. “In an era where inclusion and belonging are critical to progressive workplaces, myGwork’s research serves as an indispensable guide for organizations aiming to create fair and inclusive environments to attract the valuable talent they need to succeed.”

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