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Here’s Everyone Who’s Come Out in 2023 So Far

· Updated on September 8, 2023

We’re only halfway through 2023, but it’s proving to be a gala year for celebrities eager to embrace their queer identities. Just in time for pride season, here’s a rundown of all the prominent folks who have come out so far this year.

Noah Schnapp

The “Stranger Things” star came out this January via TikTok, stating that he realized he’s a lot more like his queer character Will Byers than he thought.


I guess I’m more similar to will than I thought

♬ original sound – Privacynbling

Lil Nas X

Our modern-day Prince of Pop has been out since 2018, but this January, he made a clarification about his sexuality and came out as “a little bisexual” to the excitement of fans.

Jeff Molina

After being outed by a leaked sex tape in March, UFC mixed martial artist Jeff Molina came out in a moving Twitter post.

Chloe Veitch

The “Too Hot to Handle” star came out recently after struggling to keep her bisexuality hidden. “I realized, ‘This is what’s bothering you – you’re bisexual and you haven’t told anyone,” she explained on the British reality show The Big Celebrity Detox. “I’ve definitely been battling it, to be honest. I mean, being in and out of little flings with girls. I felt like it was my dirty little secret so it has taken the weight off my shoulders.”

Bernie Wagenblast

The voice of the New York City subway system came out as a trans woman this January! She was recently profiled in a heartwarming episode of Anna Sale’s “Death, Sex and Money” podcast.

Alexander Lincoln

The “Emmerdale” actor earned a BIFA nomination for his star turn in the queer Rugby drama, In From the Side. In a post announcing the nomination, he clarified that, much like his character in the film, he is “not straight.”

Lukas Gage

It’s been quite the whirlwind year for the “White Lotus” actor. After being dropped by his agent for not publically stating his sexuality, Gage began dating celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. In just a few months, the two got married in Vegas, with Kim Kardashian in attendance, naturally.

Curtis Hamilton

“Insecure” actor Curtis Hamilton came out ahead of the premiere of “Real Friends of WeHo,” the MTV reality show following a group of pals living in the fabled LA gayborhood. “I always told my management, ‘I want to be an advocate, so hopefully I can get this big job, and then I’ll start to speak,’” Hamilton explained.

Campbell Johnstone

Speaking of rugby, former professional New Zealand pro player Campbell Johnstone also came out early this year. He explained in interviews that he felt he’d been living a double life for years, remaining in the closet for years in order to prioritize his career. Now he’s out, proud, and living the dream.

Emerson Mancini

Inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “Auntie Diaries” and the writings of trans icon Kate Bornstein, Grammy-winning mastering engineer Emerson “Em” Mancini came out as trans at the tail end of last year.

Jakub Jankto

Czech midfielder Jakub Jankto came out right before Valentine’s Day, explaining in a video that: “I’m homosexual. And I no longer want to hide myself.”

Joe Tasker

What’s better than a coming out video? A combination coming out AND boyfriend reveal video, of course! YouTuber Joe Tasker gave us “a bit of a biggy” when he released “my secret boyfriend” in February. “There’s so many coming out videos now than when I was younger,” he stated in the video. “When I was younger, you suppressed it and you just got on with your stuff.”

Anderson Comas

Chicago White Sox hopeful Anderson Comas shared an Instagram post in February stating: “This may be my most personal thing I ever share and it’s that I’m proudly and happily part of the LGTBQ+ community.”

Bretman Rock

The always hilarious, razor-sharp influencer Bretman Rock clarified their gender identity during an interview for the Zach Sang show, explaining that he uses “all the pronouns.”

@zachsangshow @bretmanrock is nonbinary but not for clout #bretmanrock #nonbinary #pronouns #clout #zachsangshow #zachsang #fyp #foryou @onamp ♬ original sound – Zach Sang Show


The uber-successful DJ spilled to Emily Ratakowski that he’s received oral sex from men, and considers himself “not not gay” on EmRata’s “High Low” podcast.

Alberto Lejárraga

Spanish pro soccer player Alberto Lejárraga shared his excitement about a major team win by posting a shot of him smooching his boyfriend in April.

Richard Armitage

“Obsession” star Richard Armitage told the Radio Times that while he’s known about his queerness since the age of 19, it took the world catching up to queer acceptance for him to publicly announce his identity. “It’s more relaxed now,” he explained. “As a writer and producer, I do wonder if anybody has to be defined by who they’re in love with.”

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