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Hunter Schafer talked about tucking and now the internet loves her even more

Hunter Schafer talked about tucking in a new interview and the internet is overjoyed.

The Euphoria actress is seeing her profile rise with each project. She’ll star in Cuckoo and Kinds of Kindness this year and then there’s her A24 film Mother Mary with Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel around the corner. But Schafer is a multi-hyphenate creative, one who can now add screenwriter, fashion model, and visual artist to her resume, and because of her many talents, popular men’s magazine GQ honored her with the GQ Global Creativity Award.

Speaking of GQ, Schafer sat with the popular men’s magazine to dish about all the things she can’t live with out for their 10 Essentials video series. As an artist, Schafer’s water color paints were a nonnegotiable, as were her Shiseido eye patches to keep her skin moisturized after a long flight. But a TikTok from the GQ Germany account shows a clip from her 10 Essentials video interview where she mentioned a tuck kit being one of her essentials and the internet is all ears.


Education incomming: Eins von #HunterSchafer s #10Essentials ist ein TuckingKit – ob für trans Menschen, Dragqueens oder jeden der es ausprobieren möchte ist das eine innovative und möglichst komfortable Lösung ✌️ #gqgermany #gqglobamcreativityawards #hunterschaferedit #tucking #tuckingtips

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“These are tuck kits by a brand called Unclockable,” Schafer said in the video. “I really wanted to bring these and show these off today because they are really useful for the ‘dolls’ or anybody who needs to tuck. I have them on my rider for every photoshoot, thing I ever do. It’s cute and it comes with detail instruction on how to do a tuck because nobody likes to tucking. It’s not really fun.”

Tucking is the act of creating a smooth crotch contour, while it’s a common gender-affirming practice used by trans women, trans feminine folks, and gender nonconforming people, tucking can be performed by anyone who feels the need to tuck. However, anyone who subscribes to tucking should always makes sure to do safely. Schafer, who is a trans woman, also talked about her own mishaps with tucking before using her preferred tuck kit.

“Beforehand, I had kind of just been winging it with like take, sometimes even duct tape, which is not fun,” Schafer said. “This is like the most comfortable option I’ve ever had and I also just love that it’s like by trans people for trans people.”

The tuck kit in question, is made by Unclockable, a company started by a trans woman and her father to “meet the unique needs of trans and queer people.” The company sells tuck kits, bra inserts, leggings, and more, all designed to support gender-affirming needs. With Schafer using her platform to talk about tucking, it helps to normalize an experience that many within the LGBTQ+ community have, but to also educate others unfamiliar with the process.

Schafer’s fans were quick to applaud her for talking about tucking and her experience as a trans woman. One person commented on the TikTok video saying “this. is. so. important,” while another said “seeing a trans woman so deep in the public eye say ‘for the dolls’ makes me so happy.” Even Unclockable showed Schafer some love commenting “WE LOVE YOU HUNTER! thank you for sharing Tuck Kit with everyone, it means the world to us.”

You can check out Schafer’s full interview below on YouTube.

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