Robert Pattinson and Bong Joon-ho cuddled up on the CinemaCon red carpet and the chemistry is real

We love when celebs let us see their inner babygirl, and we love it even more when two celebs decide to unleash some extremely babygirl behavior on the red carpet for all the world to see.

Which brings us to the babygirls of the moment: Robert Pattinson and Bong Joon-ho, who displayed some incredibly cute PDA on the CinemaCon red carpet yesterday, where they were promoting their new film, the upcoming sci-fi drama Mickey 17.

These playful photos are just the start of what promises to be an intriguing artistic collaboration. The chemistry is off the charts, and let’s not forget that Bong Joon-ho made his two Oscars statues kiss after his 2020 Best Picture win for Parasite. So let’s just say that babygirl behavior is very much in the Bong Joon-ho playbook.

The silly expressions, the sheer delight they take in each others’ presence…is this love?

Not since the case of Robert Downey Jr. and Cillian Murphy has there been such commitment to babygirling on main!

We’re obsessed.

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