Aging Adonis

The gays are asking: which over-40 celebs do it for you?

Young men are great, but have you considered older men? Zaddies, if you will? Chances are you probably have: so many of our finest male celebrities are aging like fine, fine wine, and it’s a wonderful thing to see.

On the subreddit r/AskGayMen, the subject of men over 40 recently came up, and people had quite a lot to say about it. When asked about the over-40 celebs they’d gladly take to bed, commenters had a few key favorites.

“Pedro Pascal,” someone wrote. “I would f*ck his brains out in a room in which there are no others. Or y’all could watch.”

Other favorites mentioned were the always-fine Sterling K. Brown, Mark Ruffalo, and Jamie Dornan.

“Andy Cohen is the kind of guy I’d hate-f*ck,” someone else explained. “I’m attracted to him but I can’t stand him.”

But some prefer their vintage a little bit older. “For 70,” one commenter said, “Kevin Costner still looks daddy af.”

Keanu Reeves got a mention, not only for his looks but for his kindness and down-to-earth nature.

And then, someone brought up a strong point.

“I mean is there anyone even hot under 40 anymore?” They asked. “It seems that 40 is the gateway to most men’s hottest phase.”

I mean, no lies detected. Favorites like Wolé Parks, Conrad Ricamora, and Mads Mikkelsen just seem to keep getting hotter with age.

But one commenter really went above and beyond by throwing the wild card of Clint Eastwood into the chat, noting “he can break me like a horse any day.”

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