FaceApp Frenzy

This photo of trans Eminem has the Internet agog

Of all the great inventions bestowed on us by this modern age, surely the finest among them must be FaceApp. Seriously, what were we doing before we had the ability to run our own faces—and a million random images—through a gender-swap filter? The app has opened so many up to the life-changing possibilities of transition, as well as giving us girl versions of every male celebrity we think might look better in girlmode.

But before today, FaceApp’s technology was wandering adrift, still in search of its greatest achievement yet. For no one had yet hit upon the happy accident of running rapper Eminem—aka Marshall Mathers—through the girlmode filter.

That all changed in the course of minutes, after a user simply known as Mia gave us this penetrating image to ponder. Known simply as “Marsha,” tthis picture of girl Eminem has taken the Internet by storm in a matter of hours. And it’s no wonder why. Is this the woman of our dreams? Where did she come from? Where did she go? Why wasn’t she the star of 8 Mile? How does she feel about mom’s spaghetti?

Perhaps more importantly, why is she giving Chloe Sevigny in Boys Don’t Cry?

Though the photo has been around since at least 2019, it’s getting a lot of much-deserved buzz on the site formerly known as Twitter dot com.

Marsha, Feminem, Madame Mathers…a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

The journey from Marshall to Mother is a steep climb, but it’s worth the effort.

Just remember that there’s a better world out there, one where Eminem is an A24 e-girl sucking on an Elfbar.

Don’t dream it, be it.

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