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The internet is losing it after SZA announced a Paramore collab

SZA is turning her music business into “Misery Business” with this new collab.

To say SZA’s SOS music era was successful is an understatement after snagging multiple awards, a number one album, and a sold out tour. Now, her 2024 might get nine times better if she wins all nine Grammy Awards from her nominations. 

But before the SOS era ends, SZA sat down with Apple Music to chat about how she prepped for this era, and what new music to expect from the next. Needless to say, the tea she spilled, sent the Internet into a frenzy.


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During the interview, SZA read questions submitted from adoring fans, and one question inquired about collaborating with a well-known punk rock group by the name of Paramore. And what was SZA’s response?

“Yea. Soon, soon. It’s in the works.”

Those two sentences carry a lot of weight, especially when you consider that fans have been wanting this collab for a long time. Last year, the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, gushed about how badly she wanted to work with SZA, but stated that she wasn’t responding to her texts.

Also, real fans know that SZA does not shy away from blending genres. Specifically, in her SOS album, she collaborated with boygenius member Phoebe Bridgers on the song “Ghost in the Shell” and wrote the rock song “F2F” on the SOS album with bestie Lizzo, another genre-bending artist.

Well, it seems that SZA is officially responding to Williams’ messages because the collaboration is officially in the works, per the “Snooze” singer. And with that confirmation, SZA fans feel like they’ve won the lottery.

And now we impatiently wait for the SZA x Paramore collab to drop.

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