Trans folks are asking: What’s the funniest way to figure out you’re trans?

Coming into your gender identity can be lots of things: euphoric, complicated, and messy, to name a few. But figuring out you’re trans can also be hilarious, and these stories of discovery prove it.

On a Reddit post titled “What was the funniest way y’all figured out you were trans?”, trans folks shared their funniest egg-cracking moments. For lots of people, the realization came from conversations with friends and partners.

“I told my friend word for word ‘I wish I was trans so I could be a boy,’” one user shared. “She just stopped and stared at me for a second until I really considered what I said.”

“I asked my best friend at the time, ‘Do you ever just wish you had a dick?’” recalled another. “She looked me in the eyes and went, ‘No, I do not.’ It was a very awkward 20 seconds and then we just cackled.”

One user said their experience wasn’t funny at the time, but cracks them up in retrospect. “Had an argument with my now ex-girlfriend, who happened to be bi,” they explained. “Went something like: Me: ‘Well what do you want from me? I can do whatever you need; I just need you to tell me.’ Her: ‘Well I wish I was with a woman!’ Me: ‘I certainly wish I could be that for you. It’d make us both happier.’ … Her: ‘…what?’”

Some trans masculine folks remembered childhood fears of growing breasts, and all the lengths they’d go to to avoid it.

One was a selective swimmer: “I wouldn’t do breast stroke because I thought I’d grow breasts,” they wrote.

“Prior to top surgery I had a rather large chest,” wrote another. “I remember when I was a young teen my grandma would always make jokes about I have a large chest because of all the chicken I eat, so I literally stopped eating chicken in hopes that my chest would stop growing ‘cause I seriously believed me eating chicken was the reason they were so large.”

Others think their childhood music taste should’ve given it away. “The fact that I loved both the song ‘Do It Like a Dude’ by Jessie J, and ‘I’m Not Gay’ by J Pee when I was younger and nobody thought I was transmasc at all,” wrote one user. “Looking back I find it so funny because I f*cking loved those songs for an indescribable reason. Now I know why.”

One person discovered their trans identity purely out of spite and disdain. “I got one book that’s a book of exercises to explore your gender identity,” they wrote. “I started it, and I realized: I f*cking hate these exercises, they feel stupid, and I’m still doing them. Only reason I could be putting up with so many stupid things is if my feelings were legit. My disdain for the ‘are you trans’ exercises cracked my egg, which is a very roundabout way for them to work.”

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