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Infamous Transphobe Graham Linehan Has Been Unbanned From Twitter, and Nobody’s Happy About It

To the not-quite shock and dismay of extremely online transfolks, Elon Fart has reinstated transphobe Graham Linehan’s Twitter account. And it ain’t pretty.

Regardless of Musk’s motives, it’s not a very nice Christmas gift for the trans folks still spending most of our lives on the cursed app.

Linehan was banned back in 2020, after tweeting a series of transphobic comments that violated the app’s rules regarding hate speech. Quite clearly those rules have gone out the window since Musk took the helm.

It’s clear that Linehan will continue hurling abuse at trans women on the app while claiming that the trans movement took away his wife and children from him somehow. 

Here we go again.

Maybe just block him TBH.

Meanwhile, in the UK, “gender critical” activists are doing just fine and being extraordinarily mentally healthy.

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