Is Miss Benny dating her ‘Glamorous’ co-star?

Everyone who watched Glamorous on Netflix was hardcore shipping its main characters. Marco, the blossoming makeup artist played by Miss Benny, found herself in a love triangle. Whether you wanted her to end up with the sweet, nerdy Ben, played by Micheal Shu Rosen, or finance bro Parker, played by Graham Parkhurst, Glamorous was hard not to binge.

Tragically, the show was canceled after only one season, and Marco ended the show single. Independence is great, of course, but the romantics among us were desperate for a “happy ever after.” Luckily, we might still have gotten one — and this time, it’s in real life.

On Instagram, Benny posted a series of pics and videos of her and Rosen together. At first, they could pass as platonic— who hasn’t cuddled with a good friend, after all? Then, though, they get a bit more racy, with Rosen and Benny kissing, and Rosen grabbing Benny’s butt. And of course, the caption casts the post in a romantic light: “For the love of Michael Hsu Rosen.”

Rosen and Benny’s relationship hasn’t technically been confirmed, but the post looks suspiciously like a hard launch. It’s the closest we’ll ever get to a Marco/Ben endgame, and we’ll take it!

In June of last year, Benny came out as transgender in an essay for TIME

“As time went by, I privately transitioned in my day-to-day life,” Benny wrote. “It felt as if I had lived with a stuffy nose my whole life and then suddenly my breathing airways opened, and I discovered everybody else has been breathing freely the whole time. And now, I too can breathe and enjoy my life the same way everyone else does.”

Heartwarmingly, the creators of Glamorous changed the story to reflect Benny’s identity, with her character Marco embracing her transgender identity in the series’ final episode.

“It was really important that Marco’s trans-ness was not the plot of the show,” Benny continued. “It’s not a ‘twist’ to surprise the audience. Instead, we get to watch a young queer person experiencing first love and heartbreak, career success and failure, and everything else that comes with being a young adult… while also discovering their identity in the background of life. Because being transgender is not something you do, it’s who you are.”

Now, it looks like both Benny and Marco are getting their happy endings.

Glamorous is now streaming on Netflix.

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