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“Left-wing” party leader ruthlessly dragged for anti-gay comments and terrible hat

George Galloway, leader of the socialist Workers Party of Britain and MP for Rochdale, has said that gay relationships are “not normal” and should not be taught in schools.

Speaking to the left-wing outlet Novara Media, Galloway clarified his stance on school curriculum. Like his fedora, the purportedly progressive leader’s comments were straight out of the 1950s.

After vaguely saying that he doesn’t want his children “sexualized,” he added, “I don’t want them taught that some things are normal when their parents don’t believe that they are normal.”

Galloway then got more specific. “Relations, that gay relationships are exactly the same and as normal as a mum, a dad and kids,” he said. “I want my children to be taught that the normal thing in Britain, in society across the world, is a mother, a father and a family.”

As he went on, he repeatedly claimed that he does not hate gay people. “But I don’t want my children to be taught that these things are equal because I don’t believe them to be equal,” he said.

Galloway also targeted the trans and nonbinary communities. “If my children are taught that there’s – whatever the current vogue number is – 76 or 97, or whatever the number of purported genders that exist, I don’t want my children taught that,” he said.

The Workers Party is sometimes positioned as a left-wing alternative to the more center-left Labour Party, but statements like these expose the truth. 

As abhorrent as Galloway’s stances are, they pale in comparison to his fashion sense.

Chris Bryan, openly gay Labour MP for Rhondda, commented on the dangerous implication of Galloway’s statements.

“A while ago I was heavily criticised for saying that I feel more fearful as a gay man than in years gone by,” Bryan said. “Gay bashing and prejudice has never stopped but my sense of deep unease has increased significantly recently with moments like this.”

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