Lenses on Queerness: Photographer Justin French

Every day this week we’ll be celebrating a different photographer who is using their social media to tell queer stories.

Meet Justin French, a photographic artist based in New York who creates a euphoric environment that evokes a timelessness. A space where politicized bodies are allowed to flourish and autonomously define their identities. Justin has been featured in I-D, GUP, Dazed, Vogue Italia, The Creators Project, and has exhibited with Red Hook Labs.

What made you want to shoot film?

I started out on film and have been using it increasingly. I like the variation in how different cameras produce color, grain, and texture. Those additional analog attributes add rich detail that help propel the image much furthe, emotionally.

Who or what inspires your work the most?

I am inspired so much by music, lore, and really just living life as normal as possible. When things are very calm and peaceful, that is when my inspiration pours in from all angles.

Why is LGBTQ visibility important to you / your work?

I think it’s so important. Everyone benefits, especially youth who may not have access and visibility into individuals who may identify in similar ways that they do. I met so many young LGBTQ youth this year, all very vibrant, beautiful, creative and talented., but their communities were not the most nurturing to their development and progress. I’d ideally like my work to be inspiring to LGBTQ youth and encourage them.

What’s on the horizon for you in 2018?

As of current, I am planning a solo exhibition focusing on photo/video/installations and hoping to do more brand work.

Le chapeau rose · duster Photographer: @frenchgold Model: @ibkamara #justinfrench

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