Deck the halls Diva

Mariah Carey thaws out and the winter holiday countdown begins

It’s November 1, which means it’s time to put that sexy Halloween costume in the closet and stash the ghoulish decorations away. It’s also time to wash off that “spooky season” smell and start sniffing around for chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 

That’s right, the winter holiday season is officially here (move out of the way, Thanksgiving). The internet has flooded with a variety of holiday memes that’ll warm the nastiest Grinch. 

And while everyone is dressing like they’re on the cover of Evermore, one pop star is just starting to thaw out – the Christmas Diva herself, Mariah Carey. 

Mariah is obviously known for her collection of hits, her lavish, elusive chanteuse personality, and her sky vocal range (that whistle register is divine, darling), but she’s also become synonymous with Christmas. Ever since the release of her 1994 album Merry Christmas and the iconic single “All I Want for Christmas is You,” Mariah has become the “deck the halls diva” or the “mistletoe maven,” if you will. 

Since then, she released her follow up holiday album Merry Christmas II You, where she even enlisted Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson for an iconic girl group-esque moment on the lead single “Oh Santa!”. I mean, it’s hard to deny her holiday influence when “All I Want for Christmas is You” still tops music charts annually. 

So on November 1, right at midnight, Mariah let the world know that her time is coming once again.  

Mariah knows her holiday influence and (knows how to turn a funny meme into holiday gold). So when she posted this video, her “Lambs” flocked to their shepherd. 

Some thought she was a bit early.

But otherwise, they knew that November 1 meant it’s time for the winter holiday season to begin (again, move out of the way, Thanksgiving).

Put on your scarf, there’s a nip (and Mariah Carey) in the air.

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