Taking the Bait

A Million Hot Queers Clapped Back to This Unhinged Matt Walsh Statement

It wasn’t so long ago that deranged right-wing commentator Matt Walsh claimed that trans women don’t date other trans women—which, to be clear, remains hilarious as ever.

Now, of course, we have something new to chuckle at.

Yesterday, Matt Walsh took to Twitter to make an “important observation” in regards to a video showing trans activists fighting against anti-trans legislation. The important observation in question? “Left-wing activists are ugly.” Using the famously racist, fatphobic BMI standard to back up this important point, Walsh continued to bury himself deeper by doubling down on the statement.

And boy oh boy, did left-wing activists laugh at that.

Queer and trans people did what we do best: stayed hot and clapped back.

Walsh is also forgetting possibly the hottest activist of all time:

But hey, what are facts compared to feelings?

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