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MrBeast’s Ava Tyson shuts down a transphobic conspiracy theory in one sentence

Since coming out as trans, MrBeast crew member Ava Tyson has endured her fair share of transphobic trolling—and she never fails to clap back with some expert trolling of her own. In a recent example, Tyson’s responses managed to both mock and answer the comment in the most genuine way.

Over the weekend, a self-described Christian user chose to spend Father’s Day coming up with conspiracy theories about a trans content creator. The user speculated on why Tyson, “who had everything going” for her, would transition, and claimed it was all an elaborate marketing ploy.

Tyson ran with the conspiracy bait and responded, “Nice theory, but actually Disney shot me with the trans ray gun.”

After the post had gone viral, Tyson got more candid. “It’s funny people will blow past the obvious point, to make wild theories,” she said. “Yes, I had what you would describe as ‘everything.’ It really goes to show that who you are is something you can’t run away from, no matter what you have in life.”

The comment struck a chord with followers.

“Have everything going for you, decides to transition anyway,” journalist Ari Drennen wrote. “They’re painfully close to [getting] it.”

“Idk why it’s so difficult for some people to accept – we make choices to improve our lives, respect them and don’t question them,” said another user. “Like what harm has it ever done to them? Happiness first, always.”

Most were just living for the ray gun conspiracies.

The only person left out of the joke was the original poster, who appeared to take Tyson’s ray gun theory at face value. “You’re not joking, are you,” the OP replied.

Through her collaboration with the enormously popular MrBeast, Tyson became one of the most visible targets online for right wing bigots after her transition. Criminal defendant Andrew Tate took time better spent preparing his legal defense against sex trafficking charges to call Tyson’s transition a psyop. Earlier this year, she responded to another troll who claimed she had broken up her family by transitioning.

“I’m in my child’s life [arguably] more than most parents are capable of because of my unique privileges,” she said. “But we both know you will make up whatever lie you can vomit up to validate your transphobia that is already based on nonsense and misogyny.”

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