New Emojis: Pirates More Valid Than Trans People!

If representation matters, then pirates rejoice! According to Emojipedia, Unicode, the company that makes the emojis revolutionizing the way we communicate, has released a brand new set of emojis as part of the new iOS update. This new pack includes supervillains, superheroes, redheads, feet and a pirate flag. But still no trans, bisexual or asexual pride flags!

I don’t know about y’all, but I encounter way more trans people in my life than I do pirates!!!

A trans flag emoji is something that’s been at the top of many people’s wishlists for sometime. If you need evidence, just search Twitter. (There’s also a petition asking for the trans flag emoji to be released at some point, as well.)

Some people even tied the lack of trans pride flag emoji to the recent #WontBeErased hashtag, which became popular on social media after news broke that a Trump administration memorandum threatened to erase transgender people’s existence at the federal level by adjusting its definition of gender.

Anyway, surely at this point, if there’s a pirate flag, we can get some representation for some other specific groups in the LGBTQ community, right?


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