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INTO’s roundup of our favorite new releases vows to remain purposefully intersectional in highlighting the best in queer music, both emerging and established. Because when things take a turn and you need a lift in spirits or just a distraction, music continues to serve as one of the most practical forms of self care.


Robyn’s new album, Kelela’s remix album and Ah-Mer-Ah-Su’s cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”: These are a few of my favorite things. Including in this month’s playlist is my favorite track from Honey, “Send To Robin Immediately”. Co-produced by queer pop auteur Kindness (Adam Bainbridge), the song samples the song “French Kiss” by Lil Louis who Robyn said on BBC Radio 1 she has always wanted to sample. Among all of the queer people of color Kelela and long time collaborator born-of-the-LA-queer-scene Asma Maroof enlisted to participate in Take Me A_Part, is Detroit harpist Ahya Simone. Of the last remix on the album, Kelela says she was able to unlock something special she’d always desired to with her re-recorded vocals playing over the ethereal sounds from Simone’s plucking of the harp’s strings. She also told PAPER that the entire project was started with the notion of “reaching out to as many people of color as possible.” Other highlights for me included Neneh Cherry’s return, Sega Bodega’s debut EP, and Geotic’s latest ambient release Traversa.

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