New Survey Reveals Most LGBTQ+ Discrimination Takes Place in Schools

GAY TIMES and Channel 4 news have conducted a joint survey on anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, finding that most cases occurred within school settings. Additionally, four in ten LGBTQ+ respondents reported experiencing a hate crime.

There were a total of 2,237 respondents to the survey, with nearly half (1,101) saying that they had faced discrimination within the last year. Most respondents were between the ages of 13 to 24.

Those who experienced discrimination were prompted to select from a list of places where it had occurred. 24% (of the 1,101) said that it happened in a school. The second most common setting was at home (15%). 12% reported that they had experienced discrimination at a “café, bar, pub, restaurant or nightclub.” 8% were discriminated against at work and another 8% in a public restroom. 6% reported discrimination in a department store, 3% at the gym, 3% at a place of worship, 2% while seeking social services, and 2% at a live sports game. Lastly, 13% reported that they experienced discrimination in a place not included on the survey.

The survey also asked respondents about their experience with hate crimes. 40% said that they had experienced a hate crime within the past year. Half of those hate crimes (representing 20% of respondents overall) were motivated by gender identity.

For 43% of those who experienced a hate crime, it was in the form of verbal abuse. 18% experienced online abuse. Out of all of those who experienced a hate crime, only 5% reported it to the police.

Respondents were also asked to weigh in on the issue of conversion therapy. The practice was banned in the UK earlier this year, with the exception that anti-trans conversion therapy would be allowed to continue. An overwhelming 93% of respondents said that a full ban on the practice was “very important” to them.

“It’s clear from this survey that an overwhelming majority of LGB people fully support the trans+ community and stand in solidarity with them,” Lewis Corner, Editorial Director of GAY TIMES, commented in a statement.

“A noisy minority are attempting to fuel a divisive anti-trans agenda, but during this landmark 50th year of Pride in the UK we will continue to combat transphobia in all its forms to fight for a future where all LGBTQ+ people are respected and equal.”

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