ONE Archives Foundation’s Queer Noise Event Honors Jewel’s Catch One

For one night only, the marquee found at the historic site of LA’s premiere queer black disco will once again read the words, “Catch One.”

The permanent rebrand of UNION nightclub to Catch One is a part of ONE Archives Foundation’s event Queer Noise, featuring a queer ensemble of live music and djs.

This Sunday, ONE Archives Foundation will honor Jewel Thais-Williams at Catch One, the same space where she made history.

For many in the queer community, nightlife has served and still serves as a point of liberation and catharsis from a world that skews white and heterosexual. The legendary Catch One and Jewel Thais-Williams are a testament to that.

In 1973, when being LGBTQ also meant staying in the closet, and when many queer nightlife spaces were reserved for white folk, the only diverse spaces for QPOC to coexist in Los Angeles were a few dive bars.

After being denied entry to many queer underground spaces based on being black or lesbian, Jewel Thais-Williams decided to create their own space. Enter: Jewel’s Catch One.

For over 40 years, Jewel’s Catch One provided a safe space for black queer people in the face of systemic racism, the AID’s epidemic of the 1980s and a 1985 arson attack that almost left the venue in ashes.

Referred to by many as the unofficial Studio 54 of the West Coast, Catch One played host to such legends as Janet Jackson, Madonna, Chaka Khan, Rick James, Thelma Houston and more.

In addition to honoring Jewel Thais-Williams, Queer Noise will also host R&B afro-futurist Kelela. Last week, Kelela released a remixed edition of her highly successful album Take Me Apart featuring a stable of cutting-edge queer talents in music and nightlife. This Sunday will be Kelela’s first LA appearance since the release of Take Me Apart: The Remixes and the setting could not be more perfect.


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Queer Noise will also feature a number of other QPOC artists in Los Angeles including SAN CHA, BAE BAE, Rush Davis, Solomon Georgio, Thurmon Green, Liza Dye and more and an immersive presentation by Los Angeles’s iconoclastic party Mustache.

These days it sometimes feels like QPOC are under fire from every angle. The significance of a Queer Ethiopian woman like Kelela and additionally Queer Chicanx woman like SAN CHA, among many more others, coming together to honor a legend who created space for herself and others marginalized, is all the makings for a very beautiful and historical evening. 

To purchase your tickets for Queer Noise, visit the ONE Archives Foundation Website. Anyone purchasing a ticket for the event will also receive a membership to the ONE Archives Foundation’s new membership program.

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