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Photos of This Bearded Vintage Zaddy is Whipping Twitter Into a Frenzy

We’ve waxed horny about vintage hotties before, but it bears repeating: sometimes for the best eye candy, you have to cast your eye backwards. And today’s hot hot hunk is no exception.

When a Twitter user did us the extraordinary public service of posting pics of legendary actor and Altman favorite Elliott Gould sporting a beard and thick-framed glasses, we drooled. And so did everyone else.

There’s just something about Gould: maybe it’s the “baby I don’t care” of it all, maybe it’s that incredibly hot growling voice. Maybe it’s the fact that he was, after all, Mr. Barbra Streisand for a hot minute. I don’t know. All I know is that, as someone who recently watched The Long Goodbye for the first time, these images have me panting. Me and literally everyone else.

Now some people are saying that the beaded images of a young Elliott are basically just pics of Lil Dicky. To which I have to say: stop being anti-Semitic! Lol. But seriously: these men look nothing alike.

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