Photos of Lara before and after Trumpification tell a shockingly familiar story

There’s no doubt about it: Trump daughter-in-law Lara Trump is stuck in a moment, and she can’t get out of it. That moment involves the Trump machine trying desperately to make Lara something of a girlboss stand-in for the absent Ivanka, who’s trying her best to distance herself from her family’s blood empire.

So yes, Lara Trump—past talk show host, RNC co-chair, and legal anal sex enjoyer—is going to show up more and more as we speed inexorably toward November, and we’re going to have to be prepared to see a lot of her in the next few months. But while she’s busy trying to raise funds for the poor, impoverished RNC, the good people of the Internet are putting two and two together, and it’s not looking good.

After someone posted pictures on Twitter of Lara Trump before and after joining the fraudulent family, everyone was shook. Could this be the same woman? And seriously, what happens to people after they join the Trump firmament?

The difference between these photos is nothing short of shocking. It’s giving Brazil. It’s giving “my complication had a little complication.” Most disturbing of all, it’s giving Trump’s parents.

Now look—it’s not okay to shame people for having surgery. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with changing your appearance and having cosmetic procedures done to look and feel your best. But what people are noticing is telling: why do all the women in the Trump camp have to embrace this specific look? Why do they all have to adopt the exact same orange-yellow shade of self-tanner that Trump himself uses? Most importantly of all—do they all have to be that exact, brassy shade of blonde? Clearly it’s a coordinated branding effort on the Trump family’s part—but to what end?

I don’t have the answers to these burning questions. I’m only noticing—along with everyone else—that there seems to be a certain Trumpian dress and face code, and it’s not doing any of these ghouls any favors.

The light totally went out of her eyes…

It’s not easy to age gracefully as a woman in the public eye, and it’s certainly not easy to be groomed as the next Ivanka Trump, especially after the original decided to cut bait and run. But Lara Trump appears committed to becoming the next Stepford Trump in a long, strange lineup.


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