Please Crowd-Fund This Trans-Friendly Shoe Line So I Can Wear Them

· Updated on May 28, 2018

When you’ve got larger feet, finding the right pair of heels can be a minefield of compromises.

The cutest styles start to disappear as you walk from the size 8s to the size 9s, and, by the time you reach the 11s, you’ve got to squint to make out the two or three high-heeled diamonds in the flat-footed rough. You hope that you’ll be able to find something that both fits and is hot, but, unless you remembered your pair of rose-colored glasses, you’re usually just stuck with the former. (Shout out to brands like Christian Siriano and Fioni for bucking this trendaffordably, too.)

That’s why I’m so fucking into this line of shoes I just saw on Out. Say helloooo to TSKENYA, from British designer Tskenya-Sarah Frazer. They’re hot, they run in U.S. sizes 10 to 15, and they’re explicitly trans-inclusive in both their marketing and their design! And did I mention they’re hot? They are extremely hot.

There’s a black lycra peep-toe boot, black suede ankle straps with a puff of faux fur on the toes, lace-up rose gold stilettos, andmy personal favea deep marsala velvet chelsea boot with a chunky 3-inch square heel, as modeled by artist and writer Travis Alabanza above.

There’s just one problem: They don’t exist yet.

Frazer is currently in the midst of crowd-funding TSKENYA on Kickstarter. With 22 backers and 27 days to go, she’s only about $900 short of her $2,614 goal. So, if you’ve got $900 lying around, please consider sending it Frazer’s way. Crowd-funding this shoe collection won’t topple the cisheteropatriarchy, but helping peoplecis, trans, and those who exist beyond the binaryfeel cute will crack a bunch of fault lines in its foundation.

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